4 C’s at Work in the Classroom (WCPSS)

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Creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. All powerful elements in good learning. Mills Park Middle sixth-grade science students are putting these “4Cs” into action.

A recent activity had them writing the leaders of the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh to offer solutions around the heightened risk of earthquakes and tsunamis. Their solutions – helping the citizens of Dhaka minimize risk and destruction — stem from researching articles and videos.

This activity involved critical thinking through research and problem solving, creativity through developing viable solutions, collaboration via working together to discuss their solutions, and communication – with each other, their teachers and the letters to the leaders of Dhaka.

As the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan continues to inform our work, we will continue to incorporate these elements into the learning opportunities we provide students.

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  1. Suzanne Lafferty

    These students were not just engaged – they were taking on the role of 21st century problem solvers and activists. The reflections given by the students of Mills Park Middle illustrate the responsibility they felt as scientists.

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