Building Personal Relationships (WCPSS)

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Decades of research have shown a strong association between student-teacher relationships and student retention, achievement and aspirations.  Simply put, students do better in school if they know their teacher cares.

Laura Cochrane, a sixth-grade science teacher at Mills Park Middle School, remains constantly aware of the importance of strong relationships with students.  This video shows how Ms. Cochrane intentionally works on building strong relationships with students.

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  1. Alison Vroome

    I agree that teachers set the tone of the classroom and that the teacher/student relationship is crucial to a productive learning environment.

    • Sue Kummerer

      Sometimes I think that teachers do not realize the impact that they have on students. I often read the quote The Teacher by Dr. Hiam Ginott to remind myself that a casually spoken word can have the biggest effect on a child – both positive and negative.

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