Co-Teaching – Intervention

Professional Learning, Arts, English Language Arts, Foreign Language, Math, Science, and Social Studies, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, and Kindergarten, Elementary,

Course Description

  •  Co-teaching training for teaching pairs.  Review of the 6 models of co-teaching, a look at developing parity in the classroom, planning and implementation of the co-teaching model with fidelity.

Target Audience

  • Co-Teaching pairs; Intervention

eSchool Course Code

  • 156511601

Critical Elements

  • Models of Teaching – The PD will look at Co-teaching as a model of teaching that provides support to students while remaining in the core classroom.  The focus will allow participants to review the teaching model and also plan with their co-teacher to ensure that instruction within the co-teaching setting supports the needs of the students individually and the core.
  • Planning – The critical component of Planning focuses co-teaching pair on purposeful planning for both members of the co-taught team.  This planning will allow the co-teaching experience to reflect the needs of the learners while effectively conveying the needed instruction of Core.


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