Teacher Leader Corps (TLC)

Teacher Leader Corps is a continuous improvement model that puts teachers and teaching at the forefront of the district wide digital transformation.  This model of collective and sustained learning will help to build the professional capital of teachers across the district while creating learning environments that engage students.

Teacher Leader Corps is a three-year partnership with Discovery Education to provide quality professional development for teachers to support their transition to a digital learning environment through the framework of best instructional practices. Each of our 170 schools has 2 commitments: purchase of the Discovery Education Streaming Plus content and providing 4 teachers from the school to join the Corps. There are 29 cohorts of teachers (close to 700 teachers in all) who meet 5 times during the school year for the next three years. During this time, teachers learn how to integrate a variety of digital tools to effectively engage students. Facilitators will focus on creating centers-based learning environments, authentic assessments, and the evaluation of student work.

Teachers will serve as leaders in their schools by opening up their classrooms as learning labs and facilitating their peers as they learn together. Teacher Leader Corps already shows an exponential increase in the use of digital resources, specifically with non-video assets. Additionally, teachers have communicated a sense of confidence, empowerment and renewed love for the teaching profession.

For more information click here: http://wcpsstlc.weebly.com