2b. Teachers embrace diversity in the school community and in the world.

Standard 2:   Teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students

Teachers demonstrate their knowledge of the history of diverse cultures and their role in shaping global issues. They actively select materials and develop lessons that counteract stereotypes and incorporate histories and contributions of all cultures. Teachers recognize the influence of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, and other aspects of culture on a student’s development and personality. Teachers strive to understand how a student’s culture and background may influence his of her school performance. Teachers consider and incorporate different points of view in the instruction.

Critical Elements: Expectations, Classroom Climate, Learning Experiences, Time

Related Critical Elements

Classroom Climate

The Skillful Teacher operational definition of classroom climate: “The feelings and beliefs students have and the cumulative patterns of behavior that result from those feelings and beliefs regarding community and mutual support, risk taking and confidence, and influence and control.” When students feel empowered, accepted, and safe enough to take risks, they like school better… [read more]


Nothing influences behavior so strongly as the clear expectations of a significant other. —Jim Steffen, Management Consultant Classrooms are dynamic and complex societies that are filled with expectations: expectations that teachers have for students and that students have for teachers and each other. Expectations explain a good deal of what we see in classrooms—the good… [read more]

Learning Experiences

The Learning Experiences area of performance on the Map of Pedagogical Knowledge is constructed from the student point of view. We ask first, “What are students experiencing in their environment? What are the attributes of the activity? What is it like from the student’s perspective to be participating in this activity? Then we ask the… [read more]


Time is the currency of life. Teachers have enormous power in how the currency of time is spent in the classroom. When students do what, in what order, and for how long is largely under the teacher’s control. A recommendation from The Skillful Teacher is that teachers be as deliberate as possible in managing student… [read more]

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