2d. Teachers adapt their teaching for the benefit of students with special needs.

Standard 2:   Teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students

Teachers collaborate with the range of support specialists to help meet the special needs of all students. Through inclusion and other models of effective practice, teachers engage students to ensure that their needs are met.

Critical Elements: Expectations, Time

Related Critical Elements


Nothing influences behavior so strongly as the clear expectations of a significant other. —Jim Steffen, Management Consultant Classrooms are dynamic and complex societies that are filled with expectations: expectations that teachers have for students and that students have for teachers and each other. Expectations explain a good deal of what we see in classrooms—the good… [read more]


Time is the currency of life. Teachers have enormous power in how the currency of time is spent in the classroom. When students do what, in what order, and for how long is largely under the teacher’s control. A recommendation from The Skillful Teacher is that teachers be as deliberate as possible in managing student… [read more]

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