Effective Teaching Framework

The Effective Teaching Framework (ETF) is a WCPSS initiative established to provide educators with resources and tools to be effective in the classroom with the goal of increasing student learning. It will provide a common vocabulary and common areas of performance that effective teachers in the WCPSS will demonstrate.

The purpose of the ETF Community website is to catalogue and align professional development resources (videos, professional learning, books etc.) to the NC Teacher Evaluation Process Rubric for Evaluating NC Teachers (NCTEP Rubric) of the NC Educator Evaluation System and to the Critical Elements of the Map of Pedagogical Knowledge, the foundation of ETF.

The ETF Community is the digital hub for teachers to access this wealth of effective teaching resources and tools. To access these resources, the website user will find the standard and element on the NCTEP Rubric for which they would like support.  When the standard’s element has been clicked, the website will populate with the available resources that are aligned with that standard, but also with the Critical Elements of ETF.

WCPSS teachers will find the ETF Community website a useful tool as they pursue professional growth of their teaching practice. In addition, the website resources may benefit mentors as they support beginning teachers, teachers as they complete required professional forms (PDPs etc.) or provide additional information on a topic for a grade level PLT discussion. The resources on the ETF Community website are offered to educators as support on their journey to become an effective WCPSS teacher.